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San Jose is Northern California's largest city. Thanks to its large number of well-paying, high-tech employers, this affluent community is considered the capital of Silicon Valley as well as one of the most environmentally progressive municipalities in the US. It's on track to receive all its electric power from renewable sources and divert 100% of its waste from landfills by 2022.

San Jose offers condominium communities to suit a multitude of lifestyles. Downtown options include the Brickyard, a contemporary mid-rise with underground parking and a pool, and Plant 51, offering modern industrial style in a repurposed cannery. The Silver Creek Valley Country Club offers luxurious two-story condos, which include membership. Hermosa Village offers country club living in a 55+ environment.

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Featured Communities

THE 88
10 Listings
$525,000 to $1,037,000

10 Listings
$575,000 to $1,498,000

8 Listings
$418,888 to $518,888

6 Listings
$549,000 to $949,000

6 Listings
$588,000 to $1,499,900

6 Listings
$469,000 to $635,000

Browse SAN JOSE Condos For Sale by Community

CommunityActive ListingsPrice Range

1 EAST JULIAN3 Listings Priced from: $475,000 to $849,500
ALBANY PLAZA1 Listing Priced at $550,000
ALLEGRO AT BASKING RIDGE1 Listing Priced at $799,000
ARBOR VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $1,379,988
AVENUE ONE6 Listings Priced from: $549,000 to $949,000
AXIS10 Listings Priced from: $575,000 to $1,498,000
BELLA VILLAGIO3 Listings Priced from: $879,000 to $930,000
BELLA VISTA GARDENS1 Listing Priced at $560,000
BELLHURST TOWNHOUSES1 Listing Priced at $499,900
BLACKFORD COURT1 Listing Priced at $698,000
BLOSSOM HILL ESTATES II1 Listing Priced at $459,950
BLOSSOM HILL HOMES1 Listing Priced at $729,888
BRICKYARD6 Listings Priced from: $469,000 to $635,000
BRIGADOON VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $559,000
CAHILL PARKNo Active Listings
CALIFORNIA MAISON1 Listing Priced at $689,999
CAPITAL TOWNE HOUSE1 Listing Priced at $488,888
CASA DE MONTEREY1 Listing Priced at $519,000
CELADONNo Active Listings
CITY HEIGHTS6 Listings Priced from: $588,000 to $1,499,900
CITY LIGHTS1 Listing Priced at $679,000
COLONY GREEN3 Listings Priced from: $599,000 to $710,000
COPPERWOOD1 Listing Priced at $949,000
COUNTRY VIEWNo Active Listings
COYOTE CREEK1 Listing Priced at $479,000
CREEKSIDE PLACE1 Listing Priced at $568,000
CREEKSIDE VILLA1 Listing Priced at $849,900
CRIBARI AT THE VILLAGES8 Listings Priced from: $418,888 to $518,888
CROSS VILLA1 Listing Priced at $798,000
CURTNER VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $550,000
DE FOREST AT SANTANA ROW3 Listings Priced from: $1,188,000 to $1,299,800
DEER RUN1 Listing Priced at $699,000
DEL LAGO AT THE VILLAGES1 Listing Priced at $799,000
DIAMANTENo Active Listings
DOWNER ESTATES1 Listing Priced at $498,000
DRY CREEK3 Listings Priced from: $648,000 to $1,198,000
FAIRWAY GREENS1 Listing Priced at $858,000
FIESTA LANE1 Listing Priced at $880,000
FRUITDALE VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $948,888
GEORGETOWNNo Active Listings
GLEN ARDEN AT THE VILLAGES3 Listings Priced from: $679,800 to $719,500
GOOD SAMARITAN1 Listing Priced at $609,000
GRAND AT AVENUE ONE1 Listing Priced at $990,000
HAMILTON PLACENo Active Listings
HAMPTON PLACE1 Listing Priced at $668,000
HAVERTON1 Listing Priced at $1,048,000
HERMOSA AT THE VILLAGES2 Listings Priced from: $455,000 to $675,000
HIGHLAND AT THE VILLAGES1 Listing Priced at $749,888
JASMINE HEIGHTS1 Listing Priced at $939,888
JEFFERSON SQUARE1 Listing Priced at $608,888
JUDRO MANOR2 Listings Priced from: $618,888 to $629,000
KENWOOD CROSSPOINTE2 Listings Priced from: $525,000 to $620,000
LA BELLA ROSANo Active Listings
LAKESIDE COMMONS1 Listing Priced at $798,000
LAKEVIEW TERRACE1 Listing Priced at $675,000
LANCASTER GATE1 Listing Priced at $729,000
LAS MARIPOSAS3 Listings Priced from: $500,000 to $599,000
LINCOLN GLEN1 Listing Priced at $785,000
LOFTS ON THE ALAMEDA1 Listing Priced at $774,900
MARBURG PLACE1 Listing Priced at $829,888
MARGO AT SANTANA ROW2 Listings Priced from: $715,000 to $1,098,000
MARIANI SQUARE3 Listings Priced from: $799,000 to $845,000
MARKETHOUSE LOFTS1 Listing Priced at $789,000
MASSINGHAM AND ASSOCIATES1 Listing Priced at $725,000
MAYBURY MANOR1 Listing Priced at $495,000
MERIDIAN WOODS4 Listings Priced from: $577,000 to $590,000
MERRIVALE WEST1 Listing Priced at $949,000
MI CASA1 Listing Priced at $775,000
MID TOWN PLAZA2 Listings Priced from: $699,000 to $719,950
MISSION GROVE1 Listing Priced at $489,000
MODERN ICE1 Listing Priced at $818,888
MONTE VISTA3 Listings Priced from: $745,000 to $849,888
MONTGOMERY AT THE VILLAGES4 Listings Priced from: $559,000 to $760,000
NEAL TOWNHOMES1 Listing Priced at $600,000
NEW HORIZONS1 Listing Priced at $579,000
OLIVAS AT THE VILLAGES2 Listings Priced from: $858,000 to $1,125,000
ONYX1 Listing Priced at $910,000
ORCHARD PARK3 Listings Priced from: $1,089,000 to $1,098,888
PALOMAR2 Listings Priced from: $799,988 to $850,000
PARC 221 Listing Priced at $783,000
PARK ALMADENNo Active Listings
PARK ROW I2 Listings Priced from: $650,000 to $698,000
PARK TOWNSEND2 Listings Priced from: $799,000 to $999,000
PARKSIDE1 Listing Priced at $695,000
PARKSIDE AT RIVER OAKS1 Listing Priced at $1,349,000
PASEO PLAZA5 Listings Priced from: $668,888 to $869,900
PASEO VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $825,000
PINE FOREST1 Listing Priced at $499,000
PLANT 513 Listings Priced from: $849,000 to $1,099,888
PONDEROSA WOODS2 Listings Priced from: $629,000 to $675,000
RIVIERA1 Listing Priced at $1,210,775
ROCK CREEK1 Listing Priced at $590,000
RYLAND MEWS1 Listing Priced at $695,000
SAINT ELIZABETH PARK1 Listing Priced at $849,000
SAINT JAMES PLACE1 Listing Priced at $888,000
SAN ANTONIO PLACE1 Listing Priced at $589,888
SAN PEDRO SQUARE1 Listing Priced at $1,025,000
SAN TOMAS ESTATES2 Listings Priced from: $499,000 to $625,000
SARATOGA PLACE1 Listing Priced at $598,888
SHADOW WOOD1 Listing Priced at $650,000
SIERRA CREST4 Listings Priced from: $448,888 to $588,000
SIERRA VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $898,888
SILVER CREEK VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB2 Listings Priced from: $1,088,000 to $1,225,000
SNOW DRIVE1 Listing Priced at $743,000
SONATA AT THE VILLAGES1 Listing Priced at $940,000
SPRINGBROOK1 Listing Priced at $585,000
STATION 1211 Listing Priced at $899,888
TANGLEWOOD1 Listing Priced at $729,000
TEA GARDENS1 Listing Priced at $649,000
TERRACE VILLAS4 Listings Priced from: $450,999 to $610,000
THE 8810 Listings Priced from: $525,000 to $1,037,000
THE ALMADEN4 Listings Priced from: $655,423 to $839,000
THE GLOBE2 Listings Priced from: $549,888 to $585,000
THE HEIGHTS AT THE VILLAGES2 Listings Priced from: $585,000 to $679,000
THE MERIDIANNo Active Listings
THE PLAZA4 Listings Priced from: $575,000 to $1,088,000
THE SONORA3 Listings Priced from: $569,950 to $715,000
THE WORKS1 Listing Priced at $679,000
TRADEWINDS1 Listing Priced at $495,000
TUSCANY HILLS2 Listings Priced from: $839,000 to $875,000
UNIVERSITY GARDENS5 Listings Priced from: $498,000 to $640,000
UNIVERSITY PLACE1 Listing Priced at $659,000
VENTANA1 Listing Priced at $1,198,000
VERANO AT THE VILLAGES2 Listings Priced from: $650,000 to $745,000
VICINONo Active Listings
VILLA FONTANA1 Listing Priced at $745,000
VILLA VALENCIA1 Listing Priced at $775,000
VILLAGE VALLE VISTA1 Listing Priced at $1,299,888
VINEYARD PARKNo Active Listings
VINEYARDS OF ALMADEN1 Listing Priced at $549,950
WILLOW BROOK1 Listing Priced at $949,000
WILLOW GLEN GARDENS1 Listing Priced at $665,000
WILLOW GLEN PLACE4 Listings Priced from: $649,888 to $1,368,000
WINDEMERE GARDENS OF ALDEN WAY1 Listing Priced at $635,000

Latest Listings For Sale in SAN JOSE

MLS #: Address Zip BedsBaths List Price Community

ML81816617 5986 CHARLOTTE DR 95123 3.13 $908,000 AVENUE ONE
ML81816613 6990 GREGORICH DR D 95138 2.12 $689,999 CALIFORNIA MAISON
ML81816581 554 TOYON AVE 12 95127 23 $649,000 TEA GARDENS
ML81816556 1343 MCKINLEY CT 95126 33 $849,000 SAINT ELIZABETH PARK
ML81816523 38 N ALMADEN BLVD 1418 95110 12 $899,000 AXIS
ML81816511 452 COYOTE CREEK CIR 95116 22 $515,000
ML81816508 967 CATKIN CT 95128 11 $475,000 SIERRA CREST
ML81816495 1550 TECHNOLOGY DR 3119 95110 22 $715,000 THE SONORA
ML81816374 5437 DON EDMONDO CT 95123 1.12 $565,000
ML81816361 252 MONTALCINO CIR 95111 3.14 $1,084,990
ML81816313 951 S 12TH ST 113 95112 22 $599,000 UNIVERSITY GARDENS
ML81816293 1414 ROCKLIN CT 95131 22 $849,000
ML81816291 4777 ARCHBOW CT 95136 2.12 $699,000 DEER RUN
ML81816246 4838 LAKEBIRD PL 95124 22 $798,000 LAKESIDE COMMONS
ML81816208 5880 EL ZUPARKO DR 1 95123 23 $649,000
ML81816179 333 SANTANA ROW 327 95128 1.12 $1,188,000 DE FOREST AT SANTANA ROW
ML81816173 2255 SUMMERTON DR 95122 22 $549,000
ML81816168 1288 LICK AVE 95110 22 $799,999
ML81816162 224 AGUSTIN NARVAEZ ST 6 95136 22 $963,000
ML81816139 925 THE ALAMEDA 318 95126 1.11 $774,900 LOFTS ON THE ALAMEDA
ML81816125 627 AVENUE ONE DR 95123 3.14 $948,888 AVENUE ONE
ML81816091 2981 HENRY MILLER PL 7 95136 22 $798,121
ML81816073 4681 ALBANY CIR 128 95129 22 $799,000
ML81816052 5454 COLONY GREEN DR 95123 2.12 $670,000 COLONY GREEN

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Communities for this City

City Market Snapshot as of Oct 21, 2020

For Sale
90 Days

Total Condos, Lofts & Townhomes For Sale 320 540
Median Price $699,000 $720,000
Median Price per SQ FT $594 $576

Monthly Absorption Rate 1.78  

Condo Mania City Stats Market Report

The resale activity for condos in San Jose for the third quarter increased 8.6% with 543 sold compared to 500 in the third quarter of 2019.

The Median Sale Price for condos sold in San Jose for the third quarter increased 2.3% with a median price of $715,000 as compared to $699,000 in the third quarter of 2019.

Can't wait for the quarterly data to come out? Then, here are the up to date stats! Over the last 30 days, there have been 100 Condos that have sold with a median price of $716,000 and a median price per square foot of $588.

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